How to use the Healthfigure

How you can benefit from using the Healthfigure?

You get:

  • a clear picture and better understanding of your clients health status
  • the base for documentation of how your treatment progresses
  • a general perspective of your clients health status
  • an objective picture of the clients subjective symptoms
  • a chance to zero in on the clients major problems

You will learn

  • how the Healthfigure, at an early stage, can point out small issues that could become big problems.
  • how to identify different symptoms such as fibromyalgia, work overload and stress related problems etc.

The course consists of two steps and a follow-up

Step 1

  • You learn how to use the Healthfigure
  • You learn how to interpret a filled in Healthfigure and identify different kinds of health problems
  • How your business can benefit by using the figure
  • Included is a file with information on how to start up the process and use it in your practice

Step 2

  • We discuss your experiences after having practised the method for a while
  • How the method can make it easier to treat stress related problems. We practice exercises, you get a model for measuring stress, how to approach the stress problems (treatments), the importance of rejuvenation, etc
  • How self training can prevent small issues becoming big problems, for example "false sciatica"
  • A CD with forms for documentation, statistics etc


After a approximately a year a follow up is done. We review how you have succeeded with the method and discuss needs for changes and so forth. You will be given a chance to present how you worked with ten actual patients (Healthfigures) and the resulting treatment plans.

A diploma after the follow-up



STEP 1 & 2


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