How the method is integrated into the business or organization

1. Presentation to the personnel manager

  • How to inspire and motivate the employees to take responsibility for their own health
  • Information on how a Health-Inventory can be beneficial

2. Presentation to the staff group

  • Information how a Health Inventory can be beneficial
  • The inquiry and Healthfigure are answered and filled in
  • The group receives practical advice on self training

3. The Healthfigure and inquiry are interpreted

  • The programs are designed for the staff group as well as for individual needs

4. The health program is designed and presented

  • The program is designed for the staff group as well as for individual needs.
  • The program is discussed
  • Decisions are made as to whom to refer to group therapy and/or individual programs.
  • Programs for self training, stress management, coaching, and counselling based on personal needs.

5. The program is presented to the personnel

  • Information about the selected programs
  • Why some are referred to the program and how that can benefit the group as a whole.

6. The employees are referred to individual or group programs

  • Start-up of the different programs
  • Alterations to the programs if needed

7. Follow ups

  • Results and conclusions
  • How the results have influenced the staff group as well as the individuals
  • Planning for ongoing Health-Inventories


WHEN INTEGRATED the Health-Inventory will lead to a thorough ongoing health and fitness program.

PLAN A MEETING for a presentation how the method can indicate the healthcare needs of your employees

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